An interview

So, The Lens... what's that all about then?


Way back in the mists of time The Lens were the forerunner to IQ. They released a couple of demo tapes and played some quite cracking gigs on the south coast, but, you know, 'stuff' happened as it always does...


Weren't they just a bunch of old hippies?


Absolutely - completely at odds with the musical atmosphere of the time which I think is what made them so interesting. A repertoire of long, drawn out tunes with (mostly) no vocals - it didn't exactly set the world alight in the late 1970s. For one reason or another their time on Earth was limited and it was felt the kindest thing was to release them back into their natural habitat in the early 1980s.


But wasn't there an album in 2001?


Yeah, the first demo tape 'No TV tonite' was re-recorded and released as a CD entitled 'A word in your eye'. We thought it would be interesting to show the origins of IQ...


...and this is more of the same?


No, this is all new material.


I had some time on my hands and I got to thinking: 'What if IQ had never existed and The Lens were still going...' Quite an interesting premise to start a project from, I thought.


The Lens were a bunch of laid back types who completely rejected the onslaught of punk when it arrived to piss over everything else - that rejection was in itself a very unpopular decision with most of the music press. But, you know, 'to thine own self be true...' as they say in Wales.


However, I don't think The Lens would have been immune to all new musical genres... there's no doubt in my mind that were The Lens around today, they'd be playing progressive rock in one form or another. It's what drew the original members together as a collective.