...although not that many words really. Welcome to the home of The Lens, a band that doesn't quite exist. However...


Many years ago, before IQ, and way before the term 'Neo prog' was ever thought about, way way before The Big Bang Theory - but strangely enough about the same time as Dallas. Before Muriel's Wedding, but a long time after The Wizard of Oz. Before the Teletubbies and Ren and Stimpy, but definitely after Twizzle, Torchy the Battery Boy and of course Pipkins. And Rentaghost.


Before (but in some cases after) all that, The Lens were a collection of people that thought it would be cool to get together and make strange noises with guitars and analogue synths. They wrote some stuff, played some gigs and recorded a 'tape album'.


Now, over 65 years later, The Lens is a project presided over by IQ guitarist and producer Michael Holmes.


'Regeneration' was released on 26 October 2010. Written and produced by Michael Holmes, Regeneration contains all new material.


"A fantastatic voyage from chilly trance, thru all-out prog, to tanking rock!" or so it says on the Giant Electric Pea website... Have to say I'm not 100% sure of just what passes for 'tanking rock' these days, but its certainly true to say that The Lens sound does capture elements of prog, rock and (gulp) trance - sometimes in the same track.


While most of the instrumentation is down to Mike, Regeneration also features long time collaborator Paul Cook on drums and percussion, original Lens drummer Niall Hayden and Sax maestro Tony Wright.

A band with words and music...

Rounded square Rounded square Rounded square Rounded square