The most recent studio album from IQ recorded in 2009.

Track listing:

1. Frequency
2. Life Support
3. Stronger Than Friction
4. One Fatal Mistake
5. Ryker Skies
6. The Province
7. Closer

A special edition of Frequency includes a live full concert DVD filmed in Holland in December 2007. Tracks include:

1. Awake and Nervous
2. You Never Will
3. Frequency
4. The Magic Roundabout
5. Harvest of Souls
6. Sleepless Incidental
7. Crashed and Burned (Stronger Than Friction)
8. The Seventh House
9. It All Stops Here
10. Guiding Light
11. Subterranea
12. The Darkest Hour
(Please note that the DVD is NTSC / Region 0 and as such, will play on any player worldwide.)